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Computers have revolutionized the way we used to live, think and communicate. There remains no aspect of our being untouched by computers. What started off as a mere data crunching machine, used only for computational purposes has transformed into a giant web of information. The wide application of Informatics in nearly every possible domain is overwhelming and has given us a plethora of technological advancements. The advent of the Internet and World Wide Web united the whole world and has made the notion of Social Networking a reality.

Social Networking in its basic terms is all about people and their connections. It's not just a single component of Informatics that has contributed to the development of Social Networks, but the gelling of various technologies and concepts. The effectiveness of a social networking service can be estimated from the satisfaction of its users. The various factors that affect the popularity of a social networking service is its availability, intuitiveness of the user interface and the way it deals with the massive amount of data, shared among the people. The advancement in the processor and storage technologies along with the concepts of clustering, parallel and distributed computing, etc. have made real time processing of enormous data a reality. Furthermore, the field of Human Computer Interaction has improved our ways of interacting with the machine, making it interesting and easy to use.

The discipline of Algorithms has nurtured various technological domains with its efficient problem solving approaches. Their crucial application to the field of Computer Networks, Routing protocols, cryptography, SSL encryption and other security mechanisms have made algorithms an important player in the develo...

... middle of paper ... of web applications by integrating registration services with their existing user accounts.

Informatics has thus provided Social Networks with the backbone that was required for them to thrive, by means of an array of corroborating tools and technologies. The evolution of Social Networks is still in its infancy, for we have just seen a glimpse of its true potential in the last few years. Social Networks have an enormous impact on the society, ameliorating our lives by creating a unified place to share thoughts with people. It has in fact created a virtual world where people exchange their thoughts and stay connected. However, there is a negative side to it as well, like the security of Information and problems of asocial behavior due to its excessive use. They might entice people to waste time and can sometimes be responsible for exacerbating a student’s grade.
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