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Re: Research Assistant Dear Jason Geijskes, Please accept my application for the above-mentioned position as advertised on the http://seek.com.au website on 5 May 2010. My interest in working with a leading agribusiness industry together with the job responsibilities you have mentioned inspired me to apply for this position. My qualifications and skills that I believe will be important for this position are briefly discussed bellow for your kind consideration. Degree in biological science Presently I am in the final stage of PhD and I will submit my thesis on 1 Jun 2010. I have been studying this degree at the University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane, and the main focus of my research was to improve the drought performance of canola (Brassica napus) through molecular breeding. Through this research, I gained in depth knowledge in plant science including plant phenotyping (in field and glasshouse), genotyping and relevant techniques in molecular biology and genetics. Before this, I completed a Master of Applied Science (biotechnology) degree from The University of Western Sydney in 2004 which offered me knowledge and hands on experience in microbial fermentation technology. Plant tissue culture/biotechnology Tissue culture and experiments with transgenic plant is a routine exercise in the lab presently I am working. Often I performed tissue culture voluntary to help other researchers in our lab. I also did fungal tissue culture in a yearlong project conducted as a part of my master degree. In addition to that, I completed laboratory-based course on microbial fermentation where I operated bioreactors in experiments aiming to maximise microbial production of amylase (enzyme that breaks starch into sugar) in subm... ... middle of paper ... ...e map using Mapmaker and Multipoint software and perfumed QTL analysis using Windows QTL Cartographer. Besides, I am habituated in using different online bioinformatics tools including NCBI and BIOMANAGER. My expertise in computer and different programs and softwares were well-demonstrated in performing those analyses. My track record everywhere in my earlier positions demonstrated high professional ethics with integrity and sincerity. I am confident my knowledge and experience together with my enthusiasm and integrity will bring valuable contributions to this position. I have provided a current resume and would welcome an interview to proof myself further details. I have provided a current resume in favour of my application and would welcome an interview to proof myself further details. Sincerely,
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