Letter Written to House of Lords in Repect to a Ban on Boxing

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Letter Written to House of Lords in Repect to a Ban on Boxing Dear Mr Murphy, I am writing to you regarding my strong belief that the sport Boxing should be forbidden .I am concerned a great deal about the sport and I do have my reasons and I will mention them, I also hope that you will support me after I give the reason for being against this crude sport. I thank you for taking your time and attention for reading my letter and I do hope you understand why I am writing to you. There are many reasons which are believed you know that is for boxing to be banned but I am writing to disagree with your opinions, I want it banned. My first reason that you should ban boxing is that there are a lot of physical dangers related with the game. Injuries occur on regular basis and not all of them are minor such as a small cut on the face, some can lead to problems of aids and life-long diseases. At first in a fight, it is only pushing around but when a full throttle punch is applied serious damage is done to the brain. The skull holds the brain and supports it not to move rapidly. So when a force as a heavy punch is used, the brain starts eroding at the brain cells, they get killed, an amount of cells lost is too much for the brain tissue to grow back so it continues to erode. Sometimes boxers don't realise this and therefore continue to endanger their own lives. In 1945, in a boxers ring in that year, there have been 340+ deaths, and that's just inside the ring. In the future, even after the boxer quits, problems such as speech and walking complications occur. The language you try to say turns into what you could call a mumble and it gets very hard to understand , you could start to talk slower and also your reactions decrease. After time a disease known as Parkinson's disease can come about and many up to 9 in a year have died from it.

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