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Philemon, l, ll, and lll John were my assigned books for this book profile. All three of the books were written by the apostle Paul. Philemon focuses more on the issue of forgiveness and grace. John really shines a light on how we should give the forgiveness we have received through Jesus Christ. The books of l, ll and lll John took place during the first great persecution under the Roman emperor.


“Everyone says that forgiveness is a wonderful idea, until he has something to forgive.” Forgiveness is not as easy as it seems to ask for or give. Swallowing the pain of having been hhe letter to Philemon gives the reader a case study in the cost of asking for forgiveness and granting it. In addition to teaching about forgiveness, this brief letter also serves as a great example of the importance of equality and acceptance in the church. The apostle Paul, wrote the book of Philemon during his first imprisonment in Rome. The letter was written around AD 60. Paul wrote this letter to Philemon, a wealthy Christian in the church in Colossae. Philemon may have a become a believer through Paul’s ministry. During his first imprisonment in Rome (about AD 59-62), Paul met Onesimus, a runaway slave, and led him to faith in Jesus Christ. Onesimus was a great help to Paul, but Paul chose to send him back to his master, Philemon. Paul wrote this letter to ask Philemon to forgive Onesimus. This letter was likely carried by Tychicus, who was also carrying letters to the Ephesian and Colossian churches. Onesimus traveled with Tychicus. The Major themes outlined in the book of Philemon is not only the story of forgiveness. What I saw in this book was a plea for grace. If caught, ost runaway slaves faced harsh punishment and so...

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...ing Christian love. While l John says to love, lll John shows the right and wrong ways to love, especially within the church. The apostle john who wrote l John, ll John and the gospel of John wrote this book as well. This book was written around the same time as l John. John wrote this brief letter to his friend Gaius, to accompany his more general letter ( 1 John). John commended Gaius for his faithful support of legitimate teachers. John also warned Gaius about the actions of a certain strong-willed leader named Diotrephes. This book talks about living out the truth of the gospel, being real with our faith.

The central theme of all these books was to be like Christ. John was talking to not only the people of that time but us as well. He teaches us about forgiveness, grace and how to live the christian live well and also how to get back up if we fall.
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