Letter Of The Letter From Chevy Chase Bank

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say it’s over I’m saying it because I need the closure. Thank you for the heartaches and pain enjoy what you are doing out there with your women if you can good-bye Melvin. Allen went to work early the next morning. Time for court was rolling around fast while I was waiting for Ms. Everson to pick me up. The mail came early there was a letter from Chevy Chase Bank garnishing money from my bank account. They had taken control of my account removed what they wanted and left me with 33 cents to my name. Calling the bank to see exactly what was going on they told me what was stated on the letter I received that Chase Bank garnished money from my account. My heart dropped because I didn’t have anything. The account was already being paid through debt management, who was in turn stealing money from me too. None of the garnishment should have been taken from my bank account. Thinking to myself what next, I began to pray… Lord I thank you for the piece of job I do have you gave it to me now multiply it to make ends meet because I can do nothing but cast my cares on you for you care for me. A...

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