Let's Talk about Extramarital Affairs

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Extramarital Affairs are looked down upon around the world. Once people get married they pledge to stay together till death to them apart. In many cases these couples are unhappy with their marriage, and they become uninterested in their life partner.Many of these couples have extramarital affairs. Statistics show that “60 percent of men and 40 percent of women are involved in extramarital affair.”(divinecaroline.com, 2013). Also more couples are breaking their vows of commitment to their marriage and staying together.They result in family members such as the spouse being emotionally scarred especially children. Also children living with one parent are more likely to go into depression, commit illegal acts, and do worse in school. In the article “ Is Following Your Heart Worse Than Not Following It?” talks about extramarital affairs. The article goes into detail explaining should you follow your heart and have an affair with the one you fall in love with, rather than staying with the same person. Spouses should think carefully about their partner or family. They should think about...

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