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My transition from high school to college has made me realize that there are numerous differences between high and college English reading and writing. I have noticed that my reading and writing skills are improving as the levels of my education move on. In elementary I was taught to write my name and friendly letters, it was there were I started to read short books. As the years past I got to middle school where I started writing short stories and reading more complex books. Moving on in high school we started writing essays and reading novels. This past years I used to refer to reading and writing as two different things with no relationship between them. Now that I am already done with elementary, middle school and high school, as a college student the improvement in reading and writing is still continuing. College is a time for more improvement, a place where students recognize that reading and writing are complements, in order to read well we need to be able to write well and vice versa, to write well we need to be able to read well.
High school was a good experience, since I was an ELD (English Learner Development) student my first year in high school did not consist of essays and reading long novels as compared to my other freshmen fellows. My first year was pretty tranquil, I was taught the basics of English reading and writing. Starting my freshman year I began learning about sentence structure, tense usage, vocabulary and grammar. These writing areas are certainly critical to English writing and reading. Without this elements the real meaning or content of the writing, when reading it or writing can be misunderstand. That year I started reading Goosebumps books, being familiar with sentence structure tense usage, new v...

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...riters we are free to express our opinions and ideas in our writing, and as readers we are certainly able to enjoy our readings. I now see reading and writing as a process that comes together, if we write well, we sure are going to read well. These two English concepts that are complementary that is why we should keep improving in both of them together. I am excited for college English in just a semester I have learned valuable reading and writing skills, I am hoping to learn a lot more new skills in my previous courses. New learning will arrive, I believe that with the college professors’ ideologies and with my hard work I will be able to become a great reader and writer. I need to leave high school’s English ideology behind and keep discovering new forms of reading and writing. I am a simple ordinary reader and writer but I am in college and I will keep improving.
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