Let me In

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My heart aches when you speak of her. I know it hasn't been so long. I understand it's hard. Her name on your lips Is like a blade to my heart. I know you love her. Must you remind me? I don't blame you. She was your life for a long time. All you had... ...All you wanted. Now she's gone. Memories are all you have of her. And memories are harsher than reality. I don't envy you. I have felt that way before. Your heart torn between two loves. The pain is excruciating. Tears fall in constant confusion. I understand. Really, I do, But it hurts me to compete with her, It hurts me to see you hurting. I love you. You tell me you love me. You have proved that to me. I have no reason to doubt your feelings. I know how you feel. Let me in. I Have.......(Never Loved You More)~ I have gazed into your loving eyes and have seen the entrance to your soul. I have felt the fury of your love. The emotion which makes me whole. I have felt the hottest fire when your hand touches my skin. I have heard the defying sound of my heart pounding from within. I have seen you in my dreams. You are there still when I wake. I have lost myself in you. I give you me to take. I have done a lot of things but there's one I haven't done before. The only thing, just so you know, I've never loved you more. MISSING YOU missing, you. Alone, tonight. My arms empty, My heart full. Wanting you, to hold me tight. Needing you, to make me whole. I think of you. Thinking of me? I picture you. You're all I see. Loving, you. Without, you near. Missing, you. I need you here. To Start Again~ We used to be together Years ago. In a world of fairytales and dreams. A time when nothing could touch us. We were young. And Naive. We lost touch After a while. Only living blocks apart. We went on with our lives. Learning to live and love. We have both fallen from love. And have felt the pain. You have now returned. Back into my life. As quickly as you disappeared. What am I to do? How should I feel? Another Chance? Is there a possibility To start again? ~Please, Love, Don't Go~ Please, love, don't leave me. I need you tonight. Wrap me up in your arms And hold on to me tight. Lie here by my side I need you with me. I know in my heart This is where I should be. Let me rest on your shoulder As the night fades away. I need you here. My love, won't you stay? Let me drift off to sleep While in your embrace. Please, love, don't go. This night I can't face. I want to close my eyes

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