Let Employees Work in Enjoyable and Highly Motivated Environments

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It is important for today's business to attain and maintain talented human work forces; therefore, many companies strive to seek methods to reinforce human work forces. I think that diverse recruitment and career development actives are good ways to reinforce human work forces because these are motivate employees to increase organization's productivity as well as employees' loyalty to their companies. As diversity flourishing, the most successful companies have tried to deal with diversity toward inside customers, employees and outside customers, real customers. It is not only bringing advantages to them but also practicing affirmative action. It is not easy for a company to maintain their human work forces and find their employees' potential which can be used to increase productivity. However, many companies have solved their these concerns through career development activities. Needless to say, diverse recruitment and career development activities are one of important practices of companies to motivate, inspire loyalty in employees , and improve organization's productivity. According to H. Martin de' Campo, he states some reasons why diversity is important these days in his article " Diversity staffing". First, today's business becomes more global, rapidly changed. Second, the most nation's labor market are tighter that they have ever been before. Third, the marketing of products and services has become culturally and demographically segmented. Fourth, economic consolidation occurs on a global level. Even though some retort diversity staffing is not the same as affirmative action, and what the tangible benefits for organization are, diversity staffing definitely provides benefits to both of organizations and emplo... ... middle of paper ... ...ofit to the company. Even though there is not the best way to attain talents and prevent human workforces movement, I believe that when organizations strive to find better solutions to get them, these efforts bring good results into organizations and employees. Diversity recruitment and career development activities are one of good practices to solve organizations' and employees' concerns. Through these practices, employees can work enjoyable and thoughtful environments; therefore, they can increase their loyalty to their companies and productivity. In the last analysis, diversity recruitment and career development are benefits companies as well as employees like innovation, quality performance, and progressive and inclusive interaction and communication between organization and employee. Who want to move from and be lazy to work at such a favorable environment?
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