Lessons from the classroom

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Assessed Assignment 3
Lessons from the classroom

" Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life ". ~Henry L. Doherty

I must say that what I'm learning from this course was more than I expected. During the previous 4 months my teaching knowledge expanded tremendously. Before I took the course I thought I already had the general idea about teaching and this course was just going to go into more details about it, but I was shocked to find out that there were a lot of areas to learn and to cover. This course was a great help for me and has eased the way to my professional development.
What I have learnt could be summarized in the following:

The core components:
The core components were very important reference during the teaching practice and observations, it was and will be like a textbook for me. Whenever I had any doubts about classroom managements, materials, presenting a target language or writing concept questions; the core components was always the first thing to use for help. I leant how to make a lesson plan with clear instructions, well-graded language and student centered. Even though they needed hard work but they worth it.

What I have learnt from observing:
Peer observations and video observations were a good chance to see the written theories we have learnt from the core components in practice.
The things I have learnt are the following:
• How can the classroom, the teacher and the activities affect the learners by setting a friendly and relaxing environment.
• The role of motivation in helping the learners to progress in their learning experience.
• The different teaching styles and how does the t...

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...pport with almost every class I had for my teaching practice.
There are many things to consider in order to keep improving my skills for the benefit of my learners, and these could be summarized in the following points:
• To be more careful with the materials I use and check them for any printing mistakes.
• To include more activities that involve moving around the class which are suitable for kinetic learners.
• To not model each word, but only the ones the learners may find problems with.
• To make sure learners can work in pairs and groups without any difficulties. E.g. a bag between two students.
I consider myself very lucky to have the chance to participate in this course to improve my teaching which would be impossible without the feedback and support of my colleagues and tutors Mr. Shaun Walden Mr. Orlando Delgado Mata and Mr. Peter Nicolle.
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