Lessons Learned: A Decade at War

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MSgt. Charles Halcome’s lecture on “Lessons Learned: A decade at War was very informational and well put together. The PowerPoint had very specific key points and pictures that kept the listener’s attention. The slides had very little written on them so reader would not get bored. MSgt. Halcome was able to explain the different topics in depth without looking at the slides so it showed he really knew what he was talking about. He was able to keep the lecture interesting by sharing personal war stories that related to the Emergency Medical Service. He was able to bring humor into his discussions that made the duration of the lecture enjoyable. MSgt Halcome exhibited components of professionalism. He was dressed in his uniform and did not show any inappropriate signs of body language to make him seem like he was bored with his topic. He spoke in a professional manner and did not use any words what would leave the audience confused. The only thing that would have made the lecture better is if he would have spoken up louder. His voice was dull and at times I found it hard to understand what he was saying due to his voice being so soft. Overall, it was a great lecture and I was able to compare his key points with topics we learned in class. The main key points in his lecture revolved around the different techniques in the war a soldier would use when providing patient care as well as the critical, abstract thinking they incorporate every day. One main point was the “Tactical Field Care Phase”. This phase consist of figuring out what the medic specifically does in the field, what they can provide and the general use of products they carry in their medical bags. MSgt. Halcome went into detail about how they decided what to carry in t... ... middle of paper ... ... important key points in patient care in the warlike setting. His presentation was very pertinent to the EMS field today and I learned and compared many important concepts that relate to being a paramedic in the war setting and back home. Works Cited Basadonna, D. (2011). QuikClot® Combat Gauze. Retrieved December 11, 2011, from Zmedica: http://www.z-medica.com/healthcare/Products/QuikClot-Combat-Gauze.aspx NorthAmericanRescue. (2010). NAR Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit (HPMK). Retrieved December 11, 2011, from North America Rescue: http://www.narescue.com/NAR_Hypothermia_Prevention_and_Management_Kit_(HPMK)_-CNC4D4EC48BF3C.html Rescue. (2010). Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) - Tactical Black. Retrieved December 12, 2011, from North American Rescue: http://www.narescue.com/C-A-T_-_Combat_Application_Tourniquet-CN33B7051138B3.html

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