Less Civil Liberties in Exchange for Stable Government

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Over the past eight years, the economy of the United States has taken a huge downfall. The unemployment rates are through the roof, the percentage of people in debt has dramatically increased, and the number of foreclosed homes is ridiculous. What if there was a way that we could stop this madness that the government agreed with? The only cost would be to give up your civil liberties.

The unemployment rates are the highest anyone has ever seen. Companies can no longer afford to have so many employees, so they have to fire their employees. Some businesses are even going bankrupt. Bankruptcy has led to an even greater number of people being unemployed. Other businesses like Ford, Chrysler, and GM have been given a bailout plan so that they can produce cars that no one can afford. They have still lost a significant amount of employees, but their businesses are still running. These unemployment rates have been one of the main sources of our current struggling economy.

Due to the fact that unemployment rates are so high, many people can no longer pay their bills. This leads to people taking loans from banks. The interest on these loans causes you to pay back more than you borrowed. This causes people to fall deeper into debt. Another source of debt is credit cards. Many people use credit cards because they don’t have the money to make their purchase when they want to.Credit cards also collect interest and the television that cost two hundred dollars at Best Buy has now cost you almost four hundred dollars. Eventually people can not pay back their loans or credit card debt which leads to more problems in our struggling economy.

Some people have even refinanced their homes so that their mortage would be less. In the long run it has cost them even more money. When you can no longer pay for your home, the government can forclose your home. When your home is forclosed, the government can auction your house off and you no longer have a place to live. Now, you have a unemployeed debtor living on the streets. There must be some way to prevent this from happening. Wait, there is.
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