Lesbian and Gay Couples Should be Allowed to Marry

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"The freedom to marry is a basic human right that belongs to each individual--not the state. The government should not be in the position of arranging our marriages,"(Matt Coles).

Gay marriages are presently illegal in the United States. This prohibition is a blatant form of discrimination, carried forth through our legal system. No government should be able to prohibit anyone from legally declaring his or her love. Discrimination against a particular group of people because of race, color or religion is prohibited by our nation's constitution. However, homosexuals are denied basic human rights, not because of race, religion, or color, but because of sexual orientation. Our nation declares "equality, liberty, and justice for all," while prohibiting civil liberties to this specific group of people. Gay Americans are even denied the right to legally declare love, through civil marriage. Because of this prohibition, gays are not only denied their civil rights, but are denied many economic and legal benefits that married couples receive. Matt Coles, director of the American Civil Liberties Union Lesbian and Gay Rights Project, elaborates,

"Since we insist that couples marry to protect their most important relationship--or risk losing their homes, inheritances, even contact with their partners during medical emergencies--it is simply wrong to deny lesbians and gay couples the basic right to marry."

Civil marriage is the right, in our society, to legally recognize the most intimate, committed relationships. It is also the institution our society uses to establish ranges of rights and responsibilities for life partners (American Civil Liberties Union Answers, June 1998). The government must realize that ...

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