Les Pueples De La Mer Mditerrane

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Les Pueples De La Mer Mditerrane

Michael Woods brings up an interesting mystery of the ancient world that puzzles learned people of modern times. Although Wood strongly suggests that the "Sea Peoples" were a result of mass migrations, recent research has disproved many of the theories upon which Wood based his opinions. There is evidence to show that the "Sea Peoples" were not a product of mass migrations.

The Trojan War, much like the "Sea Peoples" remains a mystery. Many theories have been developed to explain its occurrence. According to Homer's The Iliad, the Trojan War was waged over the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen. The accepted explanation in modern times is the city was pillaged either for its wealth or to put an end to their control over the Dardanelles. Not much is known about the war, except for the accounts in The Iliad, which may be fictitious. The war was said to be a ten-year siege on Troy at the hands of the Achaeans, who eventually became the victors.

Many archaeologists have ventured to the Dardanelles in search of the long-lost city of Troy, which is believed to be on the site of hissarlik. Heinrich Schliemann was credited with some of the most contributive discoveries as to the location of the city, yet he was also guilty of rewriting history to fit those discoveries. He destroyed numerous artifacts because of his primitive archaeological techniques. Many more archaeologists followed in his footsteps hoping to be the one to discover Troy. In the series, "In Search of the Trojan War" Michael Woods attempts to explain many of the mysteries surrounding Troy.

One of those mysteries, are the "Sea Peoples". The "Sea Peoples" were invaders who swept over Asia Minor and Syria n...

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...ctual. It is based on the war, but it is unknown the number of embellishments placed upon the events contained. The Iliad must be based on oral tradition because during the Dark Age, a time during which no literary works were produced. Bards told this story to entertain aristocracy, it was finally written down after the Dark Age had ceased. Whether the Iliad is a true story, may never be known, much like the mystery of the peoples of the sea.


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