Leonardo da Vinci

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Childhood Years

"Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissance painter, architect, engineer, mathematician and philosopher. He was the greatest genius the world has ever seen."

On April 15, 1452 Leonardo di ser Piero was born in Anchiano. From there he moved to Vinci.

A famous misconception about this man is his last name. Most people would assume da Vinci is his last name, however, his last name is not da Vinci. Da means from therefore Leonardo da Vinci means Leonardo from Vinci. Instead of explained which Leonardo he was he would say Leonardo from Vinci so as to not confuse anyone. Vinci was a Republic of Florence, and in itself it is equivalent with our boroughs or counties.

Leonardo's father, Ser Piero, got a woman named Catarina pregnant. It is likely that she was the daughter of a farmer and therefore he didn't marry her. She gave birth to Leonardo and then Ser Piero married another woman within the year. He was 25 years old when Leonardo was born. His father's occupation was a public notary.

Leonardo was christened in Baptismal chapel in Vinci; he was christened by the parson Piero da Bartolomeo to the name Lionardo and not Leonardo. Leonardo lived with his father and his father's first wife in Anchiano until Leonardo was about five years old then they move to Vinci to live with Leonardo's father. Ser Piero and his first wife never had any children and even though Leonardo was illegitimate he was integrated into his father's family.

Leonardo went to school in Vinci; his teachers were hopeless to the fact that Leonardo was always questioning and doubting his teachers. Leonardo lived in Vinci until he was 14 then he moved to Florence to begin an apprenticeship in the workshop of Verrocchio.

From Florence to France

Leonardo stayed in Florence for quite a while. He considered it his home and returned several times throughout his life.

Verrocchio was very impresses with Leonardo's drawings so he gave Leonardo a place in his workshop. In this workshop Leonardo got a chance to work with Botticelli, Perugino and Lorenzo di Credi. Leonardo's apprenticeship ended with Verrocchio in June 1472 when he got his name red book of painters from Florence (Campagnia de Pittori). However, in ending the apprenticeship Leonardo did not leave Verrocchio's workshop. In fact Verrocchio and Leonardo worked together on several paintings.

The first recorded drawing of Leonardo's was on August 5, 1473.
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