Leonardo Da Vinci: The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci, Italy on April 15, 1452. His father, Ser Piero di Antonio da Vinci, was not married to Leonardo’s mother, a poor girl named Caterina. Leonardo’s parents went their separate ways and married other people. Leonardo lived with his mother, grandmother, and his mother’s future husband for five years of his life, but Leonardo’s father claimed custody of Leonardo when he discovered that his current wife was unable to have children. Leonardo da Vinci’s father fathered 12 other children with several wives. Although these children shared the same father as Leonardo da Vinci they did not share his intellectual gifts. Leonardo never attended school but scholars believe that he may have been tutored. Leonardo was fortunate that he was born during the Renaissance because it was a time of many new inventions; new discoveries and several universities were created. At the age of 15, Leonardo was apprenticed, in Florence, Italy, to the Andrea del Verrochio workshop. Under the aid of Verrochio, Leonardo learned new painting techniques and how to create paint. He also learned how to cast bronze and how to make paint brushes. Leonardo also studied anatomy. Leonardo aided Verrochio in the artist’s projects. One painting in particular that Leonardo helped Verrochio paint is the “Baptism of Christ” in which Leonardo painted an angel. Leonardo painted the angel so well it is said that Verochio never painted again. Leonardo took a great interest in geology. In the field of geology Leonardo was ahead of his time. His observations and classifications of rocks are comparable to those in modern times. Leonardo theorized the idea of tectonic plates to explain why some rocks were in different positions than other rocks... ... middle of paper ... ... as he died. Why is Leonardo da Vinci still discussed today? It is not just because of all his wonderful discoveries in science and mathematics and his beautiful artistic creations. It is because Leonardo da Vinci is an inspiration. Leonardo da Vinci began life as the illegitimate child of a rich man and a poor girl, he possessed talents and skills far greater than his 12 brothers and sisters, his discoveries are still used today and his art is still admired. Leonardo was a genius people still admire his art and use his discoveries. He is not only a renaissance man he is an inspiration to people of all races and of all religions. He inspires male and female, homosexuals and heterosexuals, republicans and democrats. Leonardo da Vinci not only contributed to his time by creating art and making discoveries in math and science, he was helping all of future humanity.
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