Leonardo Da Vinci

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There are not many men in the history of the world that have inspired, influenced and revolutionized the modern world as Leonardo da Vinci has. His works in Arts, Science, Engineering and many others has influenced many people in their respective fields. His works in Engineering such as the designing of a machine that can fly has gone on to influence the Wright brothers who invented the airplane. His research in Anatomy and other biological works has made pathways for surgeons, doctors, and many scientists in their research. Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings are considered to be the best in the world and priceless which led the pathway to painters creating lifelike paintings with emotion. Overall, Leonardo Da Vinci has been described as the archetype of the "Renaissance man" and as a universal genius, a man infinitely curious, infinitely inventive, and infinitely influential to the modern world.

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy in poor family as his father was a painter himself and his mother a peasant girl. He grew up in his father's home and had 17 siblings. As a child, Leonardo was heavily interested in books which were supplied by family and friends; he was also quickly exposed to the long standing tradition of painting in his family. At age 15, Leonardo's genius was shown in his paintings as they were amazingly lifelike. He was so good at his work that his master at that time Verrocchio decided never to paint again probably because Leonardo was better than him. Leonardo stayed Verrocchio's apprentice for a few years till he believed that it was time to make some money with his work. He moved to Milan and worked for the Duke for around 17 years. It was during those 17 years that he reached new barri...

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...entific breakthroughs were inspired by Leonardo's works.

Leonardo Da Vinci indeed would be considered the smartest man to have ever embraced the earth because of his immense contribution to the modern world. I personally sometimes imagine what if Leonardo Da Vinci existed today and had the modern tools to work with, how he would revolutionize the present and future sometimes just gives me the shivers because I do not believe that if ever a human will ever have the knowledge, dedication, inspiration, thinking that Leonardo Da Vinci had. Even though, he existed 500 years ago, his presence still exists through his works and influence which still inspires many to believe in something and go for it. Calling Leonardo Da Vinci a genius is an understatement as there are no words to describe him, appropriately he should be known the smartest man ever "The Renaissance Man."
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