Lenovo Brand Report and Analysis

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Lenovo Brand Report
1. Introduction
For the last twenty years, the Chinese economy has been staggering. It is only in the recent times that the Chinese manufacturers have stopped to embark on labor-intensive and low-value-added production. The Chinese policymakers are off late focusing on enabling their firms move up the industrial value chain. They have made explicit goals to help the international expansion of the Chinese firms in the desire to go global and are making efforts to internationally recognizable brands that would commensurate with the Chinese global clout that is ever glowing (Lee & Carter, 2009, 24). The government has also encouraged international growth so as to minimize the foreign exchange balance (Nathaniel, 2013, 8).
One of the Chinese firms that have registered a growth in its performance is the Lenovo Company. The company has grown into a $21 billion personal technology company with considerable market shares in more than 60 countries. Today, the Lenovo Group Ltd is the largest PC vendor in China and the second largest globally having beaten Dell to the second position. The Lenovo Group Ltd products include PCs, mobile phones, and mobile internet devices that are built on product innovation and a high degree customization and localization in each country. These products have strong and highly efficient global supply chain that is based on china and strong execution of policies (Ding, & Pavlovich, 2009, 47). The strong performance of the Lenovo Group Ltd is attributed to and is made possible by its dominance of the domestic Chinese market (Nathaniel, 2013, 8).
This paper provides an analytical report of the performance of the Lenovo brand in the industry. The reports analyse the brand based on Quelch’s se...

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