Leninger's Theory Of Nursing Theory

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Madeleine M. Leninger is a nursing researcher that founded transcultural nursing education and practices (Ray, 2013). She wrote a book that focused on cultural influences on nursing practices which lead to the development of a nursing theory known as the Culture Care Diversity and Universality. Born in 1925, Leninger’s call to nursing service began during World War II. She started her education at St. Anthony Hospital School of Nursing as a United States Army Nurse Corp. Her nursing career spans over 50 years during which she obtained different educational and honorary nursing degrees. She bagged a bachelor degree in biological science from Benedictine College in Kansas, Master’s degree in psychiatric nursing at Catholic University of America…show more content…
1). Nursing theory forms the basic foundation of nursing discipline, guides nursing practice and changed the perspective of nurses from the medical model of practice to holistic care model (Leninger, 1988). Among the notable nursing theories is Leninger’s Culture Care Diversity and Universality theory. This theory is also known as transcultural theory, was first developed in the 1950s, but later published in 1991(Leninger,…show more content…
Leninger (1988) recognized health, human beings, society and environment, nursing, culture, culture care diversity, culture care universality, professional nursing care, cultural and social structure dimensions, environmental context and worldview as the central concepts that form culture care theory. In addition to nursing metaparadigms, this theory tapped from anthropological concepts which help find the link between care and culture. Ray (2013) noted that transcultural nursing theory impacted new nursing perspectives, undoubtedly transformed nursing care, and unlocked new knowledge about the impact of culture on individuals’ health behaviors, and response to health-illness concept. With this in mind, this paper will explore the influences and application of Culture care theory in nursing practice, especially in a mental health

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