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Leisure is one of the most important things when it comes to leading a fulfilling life and becomes even more important when one retires and finds oneself with a surplus of time and fewer resources. Social and physical limits may also restrict the retired in their pursuit of leisure. This essay focuses on a group of retirees in their older adult stage, making a trip to the Melbourne Cup in 2030 with the assistance of an agency. Environmental effects, such as pollution and sustainability have both been taken into account, along with the goal of leisure, which is a human right.
For the purpose of this essay the trip breaks down into the following: on the first day the group fly into Melbourne, book into their hotel and use the day to explore the city visiting historical buildings such as the museum or art gallery. Day two involves the actual trip to the Cup,whilst also making use of this opportunity to view the onsite Flemington museum. Day three involves activities or sightseeing chosen by the group before flying back. This may include shopping, a river cruise, activity sights trip, whatever the group can afford and elect to do.
For our group leisure is an activity which helps to structure time that would have previously been taken up by work . In addition it allows one to foster bonds in the community and gain acceptance from others. Leisure provides numerous health benefits ,such as reducing the risk of falls, whilst also providing positive social, emotional and psychological effects (Edgington, C. R., Deiser, R. B., Graaf, D. G., &Edgington, S. R. 2006). As one ages, the type of leisure one takes part in changes, our group of residents are considered to be older adults, that is, over the age of 66. Leisure is a way ...

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...more self sustainable through economic and ecological programs, such as sustainable public transport. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of this trip, the fees that neutralize the carbon will have been paid. Our group will then book into the hotel which has the best environmental rating that our group can afford on the budget provided.
That society has recognised leisure as a need is recognised by the improvements made to retirement communities and the higher quality of life offered compared to the past. It has also recognised that we are running out of resources and that we need to provide sustainable leisure, such as using leisure to produce energy. For successful leisure you need the support and cohesion of experiences with other people, material resources as well as the ability to sustain those resources and it is this leisure we are working towards.

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