Legrication Theory

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How have academic theories formed an Institution out of education? Two important educational theories, socialization and allocation, have worked together to form a complex societal hierarchical system through schooling. Socialization theory works by “[providing] [students] experiences which install knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values (Meyer 2016: 134).” Propositions for this theory include “socialization,Socialization and Adult Competence, and Individual Competence and Social Progress (Meyer 2016:134).” On the other hand, allocation theory, places students and non-students into specific places in society. This theory allows the educational system the ability to define some students as elite in status and transforms the system into an institution…show more content…
In combining both theories, legitimation theory acts as a method to unravel the results of these systems. The theory details that institutional education has far reaching effects throughout society besides just “the training and allocation of students (Meyer 2016:146).” Similarly, legitimation theory places greater focuses on the “individual effects of socialization and allocation (Meyer 2016:146).” Each theory, socialization, allocation, and legitimation, aim to discuss one aspect of the current educational system and environment. These theories go further than place students into certain societal categories or levels, they have allowed education to become an institution which justifies the assignment of elite roles to some, while not to others (Meyer…show more content…
What I discovered throughout the semester is how intensive the admission and financial aid process is, as well as how many students especially Juniors in high school do not really know much about it. In relation to this week’s reading, what stands out to me was the idea of the quality of life between those who obtain higher education and those that could not. Already many of the students that I met are already working part time jobs, some of these students are also ones who do not have much knowledge or understanding on the college admissions process. They might not know much about the process for a multitude of reasons, due to this lack of understanding, could have experienced a lower quality of life in terms of stress and overall health, because of a lack of higher education as the Ross and Van Willigen piece explained. Programs such as MassCo Ed give students who might have otherwise been confused about the college admissions process essential opportunities they might have

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