Legally Blonde: Film Synopsis

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Legally Blonde is arguably the most feminist icon in this century. The film is filled with feminist ideas beyond its time. Elle Woods, the main character is the president of Delta Nu at California University Los Angeles. She is a happy, go lucky, bleach blonde Barbie girl who is as powerful as she is beautiful. With her pink high heels and her Clinique “happy” perfume, she sounds like your typical 2000’s sorority woman, but she is anything but that. This film uses Elle to show the trials and tribulations that women go through every single day. Elle deals with those issues unapologetically with femininity and quick wit. This timeless film is a perfect example of a feminist work due to its feminist ideas, suffragette views and it's breaking of stereotypes.…show more content…
The envelope, with “Elle” written on it with glitter glue, is passed around the sorority house. Each girl, whether they are exercising, cheering or brushing their teeth are signing the letter for Elle. It soon is delivered to Elle and slipped under her door. Her dog Bruster puts it in his mouth and gives it to her. She may fit the role of a woman very well, but she has “masculine” traits also, like having a dog. She doesn’t act like a “lady.” She is unapologetically emotional, shown in the next scene and we’re later shown that she says whatever is on her mind also. The letter in Bruster’s mouth wishes her good luck for her date that night with her long time boyfriend, Warner. All of the ladies of Delta Nu are convinced their president is going to be proposed to. It seems they are excited as Elle is. Society likes to portray sororities as stuck up, catty girls who only care about their looks and themselves. This scene defies that stereotype. The women supporting Elle and being happy for her shows that women are capable of support for other women, a basic feminist
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