Legalizing and Taxing of marijuana

Legalizing and Taxing marijuana has its ups and its downs. The United States federal government makes cannabis illegal to sell and own. Many States now are legalizing the selling of marijuana and owning of it even though Federal Law makes it illegal but State and Federal government are separate. Taxing marijuana would be a huge revenue producer for taxpayers. You can tax it as much as you want.
When its comes to taxing marijuana the state can have any tax they want on it. States can profit millions of dollars off this tax. The tax is about 13 percent in colorado on weed. When legalized in colorado in january alone it made roughly 2 million dollars in taxes. This presents a huge expansion in anything tax money pays for. You can build and repair more roads and pay workers of the state more. The taxes you pay for state may go fire dept. police dept. amd many other things that may benifit you in one way or snother.
“Marijuana should be removed from the criminal justice system and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco. Legalizing and regulating marijuana will bring the nation's largest cash crop under the rule of law, creating jobs and economic opportunities in the formal economy instead of the illicit market. Scarce law enforcement resources that could be better used to protect public safety would be preserved while reducing corrections and court costs. State and local governments would acquire significant new sources of tax revenue from regulating marijuana sales.” (Drug Policy Alliance)
Comparing alcohol to marijuana and the effects of it are very different. Marijuana is much more safe then alcohol in the the way your body reacts and you decision making. The way you think and thought process is different. Viole...

... middle of paper ... already seen this in colorado with weed shop. They are making lots of money along with the government collecting all the taxes upwards to 15 percent plus more. The government can charge as much as they want.They know people will pay for marijuana. People will pay for weed if its legal to. “37 shop owners reported 5 million dollars in sales since it has been legalized.” (RT.Com) A lot of possibility for success and also a really big economic. everyone just wants to get a little high.

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