Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide For Terminally Ill Patients

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Knowing that a patient’s illness has no cure and that only outcome is death, it leaves the patient with doubt. Terminally ill patients have been asking to end their lives for years. Physician Assisted Suicide is one method of doing so but it is only legal in four states. The reason very little states legalized PAS (Physician Assisted Suicide) is because the other states argue that it is illegal to end the life of a human being no matter the circumstances. However, it should be the decision of the terminally ill patient to decide when and how they choose to go. Therefore, state legislators should legalize physician assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. People who have terminal illnesses are constantly battling their sickness and have come a long way to let it win. Nobody wants to die in pain and agony nor do they want to let their illness beat them. Knowing that you are going to die in a peaceful way and that it was on your terms is calming. Although physician assisted suicide should not be forced onto a terminally ill patient, they also should not be denied that right because...
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