Legalizing Marijuana: Saving Lives and Money

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Imagine being five years old and not being able to have a regular childhood. Instead of going to school and playing with other children you are taking intensive medication to keep your body from seizing. In fact, some of the medication is making your conditions worse and keeping you in and out of the E.R. This is a rundown of Charlotte Figi’s true story. Sometimes she had up to 50 seizures a night until her parents got her a medical marijuana card in the state of Colorado. (Gummow) Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, used for its euphoric effects. (Marijuana) It is often used for similar purposes that alcohol is used for, but medically, marijuana is a great natural cure for fatal illnesses. Cancer, epilepsy and certain surgeries have been cured or treated by marijuana. Today one of the biggest controversies in America is whether marijuana should be legalized, meaning people over the age of 21 would be allowed to purchase and have one ounce of dried marijuana in their possession. (Lavender) Some disagree but, the wonders marijuana does and would continue do for people suffering extensive illnesses is why it should be legalized; in addition to the tax revenues that would benefit Americas’ economy and the dangers of illegal drug businesses would reduce if legalized.
Those who may oppose the legalization of marijuana believe that machine operated fatal accidents will increase, such as car accidents, because the bodily effects are similar to alcohol consumption. Also they believe that it is a gateway drug to worse illegal drugs like crack, heroin or meth. The reality of it is that people will continue to use drugs whether they are illegal or not. However, marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs and if legal...

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...nomy stands and the amount of deeply sick people in the country, there is no time to wait.

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