Legalizing Marijuana On The Federal Level

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Legalizing marijuana on a federal level can prove to be very beneficial to America in various ways, especially if it is taxed and regulated the same as alcohol or tobacco products. Of course opposes of marijuana legalization proclaim that there are no benefits and that legalization would only add to drug abuse in America especially with adolescents. However, tobacco and alcohol are used far more among teens; marijuana use among teenagers has decreased to 7.2% in 2007 as opposed to 8.2% in 2002, yet all three are illegal for teens (Johnson). Not to mention that marijuana use has proved to be less harmful than drugs that are legal such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription painkillers, and a new popular drug known as synthetic marijuana or K2. Synthetic marijuana is a non-cannabis product that contains chemicals and dried plant material and produces psychoactive effects similar to marijuana, but it is more dangerous (Wanlund, 865-88). Unlike marijuana, synthetic marijuana is cheaper and readily available; it can cause death, seizures, psychotic episodes, heart attack and strokes (865-88). In fact, within the first six months of 2015, synthetic marijuana claimed the lives of 15 people, yet it is still sold at local stores (865-88). By legalizing and regulating marijuana, the U.S can increase the safety of its citizens using the drug, restrict minors’ access to the drug and decrease its death count of citizens using similar or far worse drugs. Street dealers do not check ID’s or provide childproof packaging and carefully label products. “When we take cannabis out of the underground market and put it behind a legal, regulated counter, we create a safer more responsible system” (865-88). Furthermore, cannabis is not addictive. “A small min... ... middle of paper ... ... cannabis oil, could double the number of its employees to more than 200 this year” (Labasco). When presented with valid and positive reasons for the legalization of marijuana, one may began to ask his or herself, what more does the government need to legalize it nationwide federally. Nationwide federal legalization of marijuana would allow Americans to cultivate and use marijuana to America’s great advantage. Billions of dollars saved in government expenditures and, revenue from taxation on the regulated sale of marijuana. Though the impact on an individual 's health is debatable, the smoking of marijuana on a daily basis is not nearly as harmful as smoking cigarettes daily or the excessive drinking of alcohol. No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose, and those with chronic diseases have benefited from its use. Is there really any question? The time has come.
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