Legalizing Marijuana Benefits

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I cringe upon hearing how some parents, teachers and co-workers "laugh-off" the devastating effects of excessive and addictive marijuana use. It is a dangerous misconception that marijuana is not addictive. One of the primary reasons for so few marijuana addicts ever receiving treatment for their addiction is because the magnitude of the damage it causes and the drug itself is undermined and misjudged. *Here, I will briefly outline some of its major harmful effects: Mental Short term memory loss, is one of the very early effects of marijuana use. As using continues, this progresses to extreme long-term memory loss where abusers of this drug forget extended periods of time within their lives.Mental fatigue occurs amongst users as a…show more content…
There are pros and cons to the issue. People have proposed many advantages and disadvantages to having marijuana legalized, however a lot of thought would need to be given to how this is actually done. There are issues such as legal limit, taxes, strength, and agricultural issues. Legalizing marijuana could also end, or significantly reduce, the drug trade as far as "pot" is concerned. Marijuana aka Pot, is a substance that could be rolled into a cigarette or smoked through a pipe. It is already being used for medical purposes. Proponents of smoking marijuana state that it "mellows people out", and can be relaxing. Some people state it can make a person "paranoid". It could also affect judgment. If marijuana is legal, at what point is a person under the influence? When can it be used safely? The following essay will discuss the pros and cons of legalized marijuana. There are several advantages to legalizing marijuana. Most importantly, regulations would make marijuana a certain strength and the product safer. Secondly, it would make sense to purchase it like tobacco in a safe, tax paying store as opposed to "on the street." The United States could also grow the crops and and keep the money in the US. Finally, the taxes generated would help improve the depressed economy. Many say marijuana should not be bought in the store like milk. It is a mind altering drug and is not safe. People…show more content…
The utter failure of the war on drugs by our government has brought the spotlight onto the most abused illegal substance in the United States. With the Marijuana Policy Project reporting over 872,000 arrests for use and/or possession of this naturally grown plant within the previous year, concerns have been raised as to the improvement of the current federal policies on cannabis. Currently, cannabis is placed on the highest tier of illegal substances ranked by the Drug Enforcement Agency (Schedule I drugs); heroin, LSD, and MDMA (Ecstasy) are a few other well known illegal drugs placed in this same category, while cocaine and methamphetamines are ranked as Schedule 2 drugs. states that tobacco and alcohol related deaths resulted in the combined total of over 500,000 Americans in 2000. That same year-and also in every other year-there were 0 confirmed deaths from marijuana consumption. The paradoxical status of marijuana in our federal system is based more on fear than on actual facts since there are very few studies refuting the medicinal benefits of marijuana on the body. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, stated that cannabis could be used for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to stimulate a patient's appetite, to treat "neuropathic pain" resulting from a trauma or injury or to help treat patients
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