Legalizing Gay Marriage

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Gay marriage is controversial because some people think it is a sin to have in their society. Religious teaching may influence but should not necessarily control aspects of public life. Nor should these religious views be the deciding factors in our secular society. As a personal liberty which has no impact on the rights of others, the government should allow gay citizens to marry.

In reviewing the benefits of gay marriage, one first must look at the definition of marriage itself. Marriage can be both a religious and secular event. The separation of church and state has been a key pillar of our nation’s values. This value is enumerated in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as follows: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Religions are free to make rules and requirements for marriage within their own religious teachings without governmental interference. However, the government also regulates marriage. In discussing the issue of gay marriage, the current controversy only relates to non-religious marriage, what the government will or will not recognize.

Arguments against gay marriage generally include a weakening of traditional family values, concern about raising children, immorality and Biblical prohibitions. Other opponents view allowing gay marriage as a slippery slope to other unions, including incest, human-animal, polygamy, use of blow-up dolls, and so forth. “Unless we develop a firm definition of what marriage is, the options are endless. If these options sound absurd, just remember that all it takes is a few activist judges to use the statutes to open the door” (

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In this essay, the author

  • Argues that gay marriage is controversial because some people think it is a sin to have in their society. religious teaching may influence but should not necessarily control aspects of public life.
  • Explains that marriage can be both a religious and secular event. the separation of church and state is enumerated in the first amendment to the united states constitution.
  • Explains the arguments against gay marriage include a weakening of traditional family values, concern about raising children, immorality, and biblical prohibitions.
  • Explains that traditional families are viewed as those with a mother, father, and children, all of whom live together. divorce rates among heterosexual couples are high.
  • Argues that the human form is designed so that men and women fit together, especially for purposes of reproduction. they argue that same sex couples are unnatural and more prone to disease.
  • Explains that the national longitudinal lesbian family study, started 24 years ago by the williams institute at university of california, los angeles, examined this issue.
  • Explains that the bible starts with the creation of man and then woman for the purposes of producing offspring. this biblical statement is responsible for much of the religious objection to homosexuality.
  • Opines that public perceptions about gay couples and marriage are changing. recent surveys reveal that approximately 41% favor or strongly favor gay marriage, 47% oppose, and 10% are unsure.
  • Explains that gay marriage is legal in massachusetts, connecticut, and other states. public perception has become more tolerant towards gay couples and may be influenced by the rising number of same-sex couples.
  • Explains that the 14th amendment guarantees equal rights to all citizens. in 1967, the supreme court overturned a restriction on miscegenation, which prohibited inter-racial marriage.
  • Explains that marriage is one of the ‘basic civil rights of man,’ fundamental to our existence and survival.
  • Explains that marriage brings numerous benefits, including shared income and access to health insurance. married couples have more rights when it comes to the custody of children.
  • Opines that the opposition to gay marriage is fueled by religious and moral objections, not based on real harm to families.
  • Cites edmiston, john, and nathaniel persily. "gay marriage facts and statistics." gay marriage research center.
  • Cites messerli, joe, and, a free, non-partisan discussion of political & social issues for debate.
  • Explains that gay marriage facts and statistics is a history of gay marriage.
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