Legalization of medical Marijuana

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ARGUMENT PAPER Citizens and immigrants of the United States are here in a free country and come to escape tyranny which mean to oppress power over the people in a particular group. Marijuana also known as weed is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol and so, if those are legal and very harmful, why hasn't marijuana been legalized yet? As a matter of fact it has benefits unlike other drugs. What as humans put in one own bodies is our own business and it doesn't concern anyone else. Marijuana should be legalized. Medical Marijuana has become a wide controversy topic for the past couple of years now. But the question that is going viral is whether or not it should be legalized as Medical Marijuana? The answer should be a defiant yes. Growing up everyone was told that drugs are bad for you, but why is marijuana bad for you if there has been medical evidence that marijuana is beneficial for humans. What is Marijuana you ask? Well Marijuana is a natural plants. Marijuana also known as cannabis, pot, grass, and weed is a mixture made out of shredded leaves, steams, flowers from ca...
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