Legalization of Prostitution

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Though illegal in the United States, prostitution is still a strongly prevalent crime happening all across the nation. Currently, a person participating in the crime of prostitution will be charged with a misdemeanor (Liberator 2). People every single day are being charged with a misdemeanor for this specific crime. Statistically, it may even seem like this crime is being caught more often than other, more extreme crimes. Prostitution is a strongly enforced crime that costs America large sums of money (Chittom 1). Contrary to what many think though, this crime isn’t illegal in all of America. Though illegal in the majority of America, it is legalized in the state of Rhode Island, as well as in several rural counties in Nevada (2). With the current way that prostitution is in America, it often makes people consider how it is elsewhere and if a different system of treatment would be more fitting.
While being a crime in America, prostitution is legal in several countries all over the world through many different methods. For example, it’s legal in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines (1). Denmark women can be prostitutes as long as it’s not their only means of income and shockingly, even places like Israel have legalized prostitution (Liberator 2). Prostitution is a worldwide occupation despite the views or restrictions placed upon it. It often suffers from the wrath of exploitation and unnecessary punishment. Society should do all that is in its capabilities to best to improve the prostitution world since it is currently a large problem. Legalizing prostitution in the United States would improve the quality of the prostitution industry.
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