Legalization of Organ Donation

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Organ donation or organ transplant is a procedure where a person with organ failure, such as kidneys, hearts, lungs, liver and pancreas, gets a replacement organ that is healthy from another human body. The legalization of this surgery has generated a very controversial debate that has lasted for years now. What most people don’t understand is that the pros outway the cons. Besides, what is put before saving someone’s life? Of course, the organs that will be donated will be non-vital organs which are the organs that aren’t necessary to live. If it is the question of a vital-organ, this situation will be followed further. This is when a deceased donor comes in the picture, a person that has died but the other vital organs are in good enough condition to be used. But all of this should be done by the donor’s or his/her family’s consent.
Since donating organs isn’t legalized yet, the number of donors in very low compared to the number of people who are in need of these organs. Most of the time, the donors of kidneys or livers are family members but its not enough.
The website states that 18 people die every single day only in the US from being too long on the waiting list for an organ that never came to their rescue. Recent research done by Statistic Brain also shows that the number of patients in the US who died waiting for organ transplants in 2010 were 6,521, with the number of people on the waiting list in late 2013 was 112,706. Imagine the thousands, if not millions, of people who are waiting in the whole world.
What people don’t really understand is that with the legalization of organ transplant will come precautions in the form of different rules and laws. The procedure of donating an organ will happen in a go...

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... on everywhere in the world at this moment. With the legalization in the United States, one of the largest country, many lives will be saved, and it will become an example for the whole world has their eyes on the US, and luckily put a stop to organ and human trafficking no matter how little.

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