Legalization of Marijuana

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The Legalization of Marijuana 
The use of marijuana can date back to as early as 2727BC being used for medical purposes such as nausea, labour pains and arthritis of the joints. During the year of 1922 Canadian feminist Emily Murphy published a book titled “The Black Candle” claiming all marijuana users to be homicidal maniacs, the authors work was widely read and spread drug panic across the country. By 1932 the drug became outlawed and added to the Schedule of Optimum and Narcotic Control Act declaring the drug to be illegal for anything other then medical use the drug became illegal in Canada and 46 states banning the use of marijuana and other narcotic drugs. Legalizing marijuana not only decriminalizing the plant has been a controversial debate in not only Canada but in countries across the world. Decriminalization in Canada would not be an ideal solution for this controversy simply because decriminalizing the drug would lead to a organization that allows the drug to be possessed but not supplied. Reasons for this debate stem from the stereotypical view of media creating the stigma for marijuana to be known as a harmful drug that is thought of to be the reason behind poor actions of the worlds community. Marijuana is labeled as addicting and falling a category along with heroine, morphine, and cocaine being harmful to both society and the user itself. Although the drug can be dangerous when being used abusively much like any other psychoactive drug. Studies show that based on the economical and medical benefits the positives of the drug outweigh the biased negatives. 
 Each year the use and abuse of alcohol takes over 6,700 Canadian lives every year. However, an over...

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..., plastic, cosmetics such as cream and make up, food products such as hemp seeds used as a grain oil and rope, many of these things are included in our day to day routine life. 
 As it is now becoming more and more clear to our society that the benefits of the “highly addictive” drug marijuana or known as pot, weed, dope, or more formally cannabis Satvia have more then many positive outcomes with the benefits economically and medically and outweigh the negative such as underage usage, illegal distribution and the millions of dollars that have been put into the act of prohibition of the drug causing crime and violence not only in Canada but world wide. 
“Hallelujah! Canadians agree it’s time to legalize marijuana” - January 18, 2012, Vancouver Sun Headline The legalization of the drug can benefit society in more ways then the media is allowing the public to see.

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