Legalization of Marijuana

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Almost every American has heard of marijuana and its many nicknames such as weed, MJ, Mary Jane, cannabis, etc. “Nearly 100 million Americans use marijuana.” (“About Marijuana”) NORML, an organization that advocates changing marijuana laws, states, “Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America behind alcohol and tobacco.” (“About Marijuana.”) If this many people are using it, why has it not been legalized? Some would say it should remain illegal because it hurts people and is harmful to society. To a point, it can be hurtful to people and harmful to society by creating overeaters and mellowed out, couch-bums; however, marijuana itself has never been shown to kill anyone. It is just like alcohol and tobacco. It has been a controversial topic for many years. Government leaders have debated about its therapeutic use and affect on society. Some strongly believe that it should be legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes, others are against legalization, others feel decriminalizing it should be sufficient, and the rest feel that it should be strictly used for medicinal purposes. Many states are moving in the direction to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes while a few have casted a ballot to legalize it and create revenue off of it. Legalizing marijuana should be up to the people. Decriminalizing it does not seem to be enough. This means that marijuana would still be illegal but the consequences of using it are not criminal. This still leads to corruption, drug cartels, the black market, and prohibiting the right to make choices. If the people want it legalized, the government should legalize it and regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. The benefits of legalization would help the Unit... ... middle of paper ... ...Want to Legalize Marijuana." Rolling Stone. 27 Jun 2013: n. page. Web. 28 Oct. 2013. . Messamore, Wesley. "This Cartoon Proves Why It's Time to Legalize Marijuana in America." PolicyMic. Mic Network Inc, 13 October 2013. Web. 23 October 2013. . "Organized Crime and Prohibition." University of Albany. State University of New York. Web. 12 Nov 2013. . "Pennsylvania." Marijuana Policy Project. N.p., 10 Sep 2013. Web. 1 Nov 2013. . Schuette, Ryan. "Marijuana Legalization: The Republican Argument for Doing It." Policy Mic. Mic Network Inc, 17 Sep 2013. Web. 22 Oct 2013.
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