Legalization of Marijuana

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How can States Ignoring the Legalization of Marijuana be controlled?
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Should Americans be allowed to legally grow, sell, buy or ingest marijuana? Marijuana has become one on the most widely used drug in the United States. Marijuana has numerous uses including medical and recreational, but as of 2013 marijuana is illegal in the U.S. mainly due to ethical and public health reasons and due to non-stop concerns over criminal activities that surround this popular drug, production and distribution of the drug is extremely illegal, and prosecution can include hard jail time. A justification of why marijuana raises several concerns in society will prove why numerous states in the U.S. refuse to legalize this highly used narcotic. Further observation of states ignoring the legalization of marijuana and potential resolutions to the problem will be thoroughly observed in this essay.
Today the United States government criminalizes the growing, selling, and possession of a green and brown mix of dried flowers, an Indian hemp plant {Cannabis sativa}, stems, seeds, and leaves, but in America it is simply known as marijuana. In 2012 twenty states including Washington, D.C have created laws to legalize medical marijuana with the exceptions of Colorado and Washington who have also legalized the drug for recreational use by adults twenty one years of age and older. The recreational and medical use of marijuana is believed to have been introduced in the U.S. early in the twentieth century by immigrants from Mexico.
Unfortunately the United States is already seeing examples of the problem of states ignoring the legalization of marijuana resulting in also ignoring their resident’s medical needs and personal freedom. Marijuana is l...

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...l and state laws. Should people not have the privilege of growing their own medicine in their own backyard? If it is capable of helping the sick get better, do we need to make it acceptable? It is only a plant after all.

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