Legalization of Marijuana

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In our society, there are things that are frowned upon, and there are things that are commonly accepted. Some ideas, traditions, and customs are shunned away from acceptance. Advances in medical studies show an acceptance for products, and even herbal medicines that can do even more to help cure patients than what they have now. The legalization of marijuana is one of the highest talked about topics currently and is being heavily considered while the product is still illegal. Legalizing marijuana would bring great advances in medical opportunities, our government, and our country as a whole. With the number of people that are in desperate need of something new, and something that can help them, doctors all over the world are beginning to accept the possibility that medical marijuana can help cure these people’s problems. Many professionals in the past have looked at the usage of marijuana for any medical purpose as foolish and not very possible. Now, some of the world finest medical doctors are taking back their observations made about the usage of marijuana as a medical product. Yet, the usage and legalization of marijuana has more to give than just inside the medical field. Our economy has taken a steep downfall. We’ve taken ourselves so far into debt that we’re getting lost and beginning to panic. If legalized, marijuana could help take some of that debt away. With all the revenue that would be made, our economy would begin to work its way out of debt and could eventually turn the country around for the better. Finally, with the low profile distribution of the marijuana, many black-market dealers are making enormous profits. Along with the high profit comes high risk. The danger in some areas of the states to purch...

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