Legalization of Abortion

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"No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body." What type of difficult decisions have you had to make? Would one have to choose life or death for another? A fetus perhaps? Even though it is asserted that personhood begins at conception, and therefore abortion is the immoral killing of an innocent human being, abortion should be legalized in states where it is not established (other than Hawaii) because the carrier of the fetus may be in a difficult situation in which caring for a child would only be unhealthy and disruptive, and it regards the decision the mother, as it is her right. In regards to the history of abortion, it is known to have been performed for thousands of years, and in every society that it had been studied. From the time when the earliest settlers arrived, it had been legal in the Unites States. Abortions before "quickening" had been openly advertised and were commonly performed, at the time the Constitution was adopted. Throughout the 1880's, all surgical procedures had been extremely risky, as hospitals were not common, antiseptics were unknown, and even those most respected as doctors had only primitive educations. There are two types of abortion in the Unites States: an in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill ( In a way, a number of states (such as Idaho, Iowa, etc.) have exercised abortion. However, such states had established abortion laws which have put women's health and freedom in danger. ( Opponents of the matter, who identify themselves as pro-life, assert that personhood begins at conception, and abortion is therefore the immoral killing of and innocent human being. The staggering numbers and cruel methods are addressed (al... ... middle of paper ... ...e. Thus, abortion is of importance, as it concerns and regards the right of the mother to do what is most suitable for her. Works Cited Marcotte, Amanda. "10 States Where Abortion Is Virtually Illegal for Some Women." Unknown. Alternet. March 4, 2014. Sanger, Margaret. "Quotes About Abortion." Unknown. Goodreads Inc. March 12, 2014. Unknown. "Abortion." Unknown. American Life League, Inc. March 6, 2014. Unknown. "Abortion." Unknown. Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. February 27, 2014. Unknown. "Should Abortion Be Legal." March 12, 2014. March 12, 2014.
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