Legalization Of Prostitution

660 Words3 Pages Female Prostitution in America. In summary of reading this article, there are two sides; Dianne Post and Bishakha Datta. Dianne Post states her view on prostitution is that it absolutely needs to be stopped and banned. Prostitution goes against women’s right and degrades us as women. Legalization gives approval for men to have control and devalue women. Also that women deserve to have fair work environments. where Bishakha Datta understands a different views of why women do it, In her country, India, where jobs are scarce and only making maybe $2.00 a week in different jobs women have turn to sex as a trade. Also she stated that many women enter sex work trade willing, therefore it’s their right to decide for themselves. Women pick their profession for a means of living They each had a limited subject line, Dianne Post was against legalization of prostitution, and the effects it will have one a women and the stereotype name that comes with it. Dianne Post also stresses the dangers that are tagged with the profession violence, dangerous, unsafe. Bishakha Datta was for it she believe it’s the women choice and she should have the right to pick what she wants her profession to be. All over the world right now, there are women participating in what we here in America call prostitution. For some women it is a legal and without risk of penalty and for others the risk of their very freedom by partaking in the act. As most people would agree, prostitution is an ever changing discussion amongst all countries and peoples; there are two schools of thought when prost... ... middle of paper ... ...ew world. Made me see the darker side of the world, the side you don’t see on television the side you don’t hear people talk about, you never hear about it on the news. I met some really bad people and met some very good people. Just make me think that it would be so easy to do what those girls do, can’t be that hard I like sex I like attention men give me. In my heart I don’t think I could ever cross to that dark side, I have seen the good about it and I have seen the bad in profession as well. I will never judge any women who chooses that profession to me it was their choice they picked where they want to me in their life, how they want to make their money and support themselves and I give them my respects. To be judged, thought of in a certain type of stereotype by society and not as an individual I believe would get a person after a certain amount of time.

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