Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling: An Overview

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Significance of the Study
People in the society have the right to be safeguarded from personal and psychological harm, loss of property and misuse of power. The general safeguards of society is best optimized through successful corrections community and organizational management, rehabilitation and training programs, in conformity with legal and ethical permissions, offender and staff accountability, and fulfilling the basic requirements of the offenders.
The counselors have a special task to shield from harm those who are reluctantly under its care and control; therefore, modern standards for health care, offender classification, due process, fire and building safety, nutrition, personal welfare, and clothing and shelter must be identified.
The offenders also must be shielded from harming each other. Prevention of escape, assault, and property loss is a vital objective of counselors who requires unique and expert skills in their fields.
Moreover, the counselors play a critical role in the juvenile criminal offenses. They offer mental health treatment and advice to those people who are affected by various kinds of violence which is legal or ethical implications in the society. Moreover, the counselors also utilize their skills to generate a safer environment for the affected people. They try to reduce the chances of physical violence against. Besides these responsibilities, the counselors generally provide recommendations, and carry psychological assessments of the affected people. A number of issues are involved regarding the ethical and legal responsibilities that this job entails. Whilst the affected persons in normal environment have the advantage of counseling, which concentrates firstly on their own safety, the counselors op...

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...en children are susceptible. The counselors should also check their counter transference responses and not to force the clients to quit societal interactions; whilst it can be personally disturbing when a client opts to remain in a violent relationship, the counselor must endorse the decision to stay or quit the association. The major worry for the counselors working with the clients in the societal environment should be promotion of their safety.
The counselors can be useful in authorizing the clients to deliberately plan how they want to proceed in managing such relationships. The clients can establish how they will choose to deal with the risks of violence. One of the most useful methods the counselors can apply in supporting client safety is a detailed safety plan-a concrete plan that can assist in preparing clients to deal successfully with the family violence.
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