Ledingham Chalmers: Professional Skills and Personal Development

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Ledingham Chalmers: Professional Skills and Personal Development

Executive Summary

The subject of this report, estate agencies, and Ledingham Chalmers in particular, were chosen because at some point in everybody's life, property is going to be in the picture, and most likely all business linked to that will be handled through an estate agent's. The reason for choosing property, over so many other possibilities, is that the professional skills required in each of the fields connected to property managing are fairly similar, or at least carry a few basic similarities. Hence, it was easy to draw an outline of the skills required.

Although the word 'easy' was used to describe the work, the thought of doing was easier than actually doing. The most common problems encountered were the lack of specific information on-line and making an appointment with the Human Resources Manager, which proved to be impossible. However, the information presented in this report was acquired from the people working closest to the public; people working at the property section in Johnston House. They gave information about their skills when they were recruited and the training they have been given along the years.

The basic skills needed were basic IT skills (use of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office tools), good organisational skills, and most importantly, good customer service skills.

In the end it was concluded that the most important thing considered in recruitment were not the professional skills but the personal qualities an applicant possesses.


This report aims to explain the importance of professional skills in modern working environment, concentrating especially on one industry; property and estate agents. The main objects of the general module were to outline the difference between professional skills and personal skills, and then research it individually in specific organisations, in this case Ledingham Chalmers. It was also expected for the students to do their own research, using their skills and guidelines given during the course.

Taking the subject area into consideration, the most effective way of research was to do it on - line, and by visiting the recruitment manager and the property team. Unfortunately the Human Resources Manager did not give any reply even after several visits in person, phone calls and emails. Therefore the main sources were the internet and the people who have been recruited, i.e. the property team. The outcome of these interviews was an outline of the specific company's strategy on recruitment and a view of the skills required in succeeding in a career in this particular industry.

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