Lebanon's Foreign and Internal Policies Analysis

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Lebanon has been riddled with political turmoil, scattered with wealth due to its position as a regional center for finance and trade since gaining its independence in 1943. The country's civil war (1975-1990) was followed by years of instability. Due to their close proximity, Syria has influenced Lebanon's foreign and internal policies since the 1970s. Hezbollah and Israel continued to engage in attacks against each other after Syria's withdrawal, and fought a brief war in 2006. Lebanon, Syria, and Israel have yet to come to a resolution as to where their formal country borders are. And with no documentation for a formal boundary, various parts of the border are unclear with multiple sections in disagreement. Since 2000, Lebanon has claimed farm area in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The U.S. wants to keep close ties with Lebanon and help in the preservation Lebanon’s independence, national unity, and territorial integrity. The U.S. supports the UN Security Council Resolutions to disarm all militias, define the Lebanese-Syrian border, and deploy the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) throughout Lebanon. The U.S. believes a stable and peaceful Lebanon can contribute to bring peace in the Middle East. Lebanon has an embassy in the U.S. to ensure that a lasting relationship remains between these two countries. Lebanon is an economy unrestricted by government control of in which prices and wages are in the hands of the businesses and a strong commercial tradition. The economy’s main areas of growth include banking and tourism. The U.S. and Lebanon have an agreement for trade and investment to help encourage a positive investment climate, develop trade relations, and remove obstacles to trade between them. The U.S. does not have a mutua...

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... of, to include the U.N. and World Bank. Lebanon is an observer to the Organization of American States and is working to ascend to the World Trade Organization. In 2011, major U.S. exports to Lebanon were mineral fuel and oil, vehicles, machinery, pharmaceutical products, and cereals. This shows a small portion of how dependant on import the country is. There is a

~ Lebanon is heavily invested on its international commerce and trade relationships due to its location. If those were to be disturbed or severed in any way, it could prove to be fatal for the country. Without their supplies and international relationships to assist them, the country would be surrounded by extremist organizations on all fronts due to being located between Israel and Syria. Lebanon would most likely not survive more than a month before their government and military could no longer endure.