Leaving Too Soon

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The transition into becoming a teenager includes many personal, physical and social changes. These changes put teenagers at a higher risk for depression, which can lead to the desire of committing suicide. Although people may believe that teenage suicide is not a growing epidemic, really it is the third leading cause of death among teenagers because of the daily struggles adolescents face. This topic has become a rising subject in the media, showing the devastation it causes to families and communities. Is it really right that young adults today are resorting to such drastic measures?
Some may wonder what suicide actually is. The definition of this horrifying action is simple: the action of killing oneself intentionally. Teen suicide has been a hot topic in the news, yet it still continues to have a negative outcome for today’s adolescents. In the United States, suicide is the third leading cause of death for young adults between the ages of 15 and 24. According the U.S Center for Disease Control, an estimated 276,000 kids between 14 and 17 try killing themselves each year, and more than 5,000 succeed. The current rate is four times that of 1950. (Merritt 9) This is shocking because teen suicide is one of the most preventable actions. Some people believe that teens who commit suicide do not give any warning signals. This is a very misguided conviction. When a teenager is considering suicide, they almost always show warning signs of being suicidal before they actually follow through. If someone is paying attention and not allowing the warning signs to pass by them, it is easier for that person to persuade their loved one that they can overcome their struggles.
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...such as segregation, slavery and poverty (Leach 94). One minority group that stands apart from the rest is Native Americans. The suicide rate of Native Americans has increased in recent years. Suicide is high in Native American tribes because of poverty, unemployment, domestic violence and drug addiction. These personal problems often lead to destruction of community, leading to an increase in depression, alcohol abuse, and suicide. This trauma leads to high levels of depression and mental illness in teens. Adolescents tends to be more impulsive than mature adults, and half of the Native American population is younger than eighteen (Leach 196). Since minorities tend to be positioned in poverty, loss is not a major emotion to the different races as it is to European Americans who are inclined to become more depressed at the loss of something they are use to having.

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