Learning theories

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Learning has given different definitions depending on the context in which it is used. Some individual have define it as any experience which changes the behavior of an individual. Moreover, Learning is all about how experiences affect the subsequent behavior of an individual. Learning theorists have some mechanisms to explain the consequences of experience on behavior change. However, human beings are flexible to adapt to environmental changes. They can learn from their environmental changes.
There are some learning theories which have contributed significantly to human development. These learning theories include Social Learning, Classical Conditioning, Operant conditioning and Cognitive Behaviorism.
Social Learning Theory
According to social learning theory, behavior changes does not rely on a given reinforcement pattern. Social learning uses social argument and element to help some individuals to learn through observation. The state of mind plays a major role in this theory and the fact that one learns something from the experiences does not confirm a behavior change in someone’s life. In this theory, the imitated is the model while the imitation process is modeling.
Cognitive Behaviorism
Cognitive behaviorism explains why the subsequent learning and performance of the learner influenced by what he or she has acquired from an outlook.
Classical and Operant theory
The other name used to refer to these two theories is conditioning theory of learning. Classical theory occurs when reflex behaviors respond to stimulus. On the other hand, the outcome of operant has some consequences which can be either a reward or punishment when antecedent comes after a behavior.
Learning theories have stages in which one must pass through. L...

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...have acquired to other learners to offer them assistance in behavior change as an outcome of the experiences. The experiences are based on the nature together with the direction of a given culture. They are all about the learnt behaviors, learning through observation, and the difference between what one has learnt and the act of one to implement what he or she has learnt
Learning theories also ensures that learners are in a position to change their perspective in terms of behavior change. The learners can shape and modify their behavior through the systematic changes which occur in their environment. As changes occur in their environment, the way they respond to the changes also changes. Moreover, the learning theories also explain why a number of individuals undergo through familiar environmental changes to help the learner understand their environment better .
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