Learning in a Different Enviroment Proves to Be Beneficial To Students

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Learning in a Different Enviroment Proves to Be Beneficial To Students Many cultures come to the United States by way of study abroad programs, foreign exchange, and the sister city exchange. There are more than just a few ways in which we as human beings can get a different perspective on methods to communicate and learn. I learned first hand how to take the best methods from one culture and combine it with the accepted methods of my own. The city I grew up in, the high school I attended, and the sister city program I became involved in helped nourish and develop my work habits, attitude, and drive to learn. After reviewing the short passage I feel that learning is preceded by a personal process rather than a cultural process. A person can only learn by personal drive and the willingness to accept all cultures and extract what he/she believes are the best traits from the culture that they are exposed to. The conclusion that the author of the passage comes to is that it was her culture that was inaudible and not her own drive to be heard by the others in class. Some get more opportunities than others to separate themselves and become effective learners. When the author was called on in class she felt comfortable reading because she had the words on the page in front of her and she found no other ways to be creative with the English language. She felt that reading was easy and that talking was difficult because she had to actually apply herself to make up what to say. Why not communicate with those around you the best that you can? Make a mistake or two and don't blame your culture for your inadequacies to learn. The summer before my Senior year I accepted an invitation to go to Japan with the sister city prog... ... middle of paper ... ...In conclusion, learning is more of a personal endeavor than a cultural one. In the years I have been a student every apprentice I have come across, whether they were the high school valedictorian, the class clown, the most quiet, or the most outgoing; was a completely unique individual. Some students, as I can remember, sometimes caught on to concepts quickly while others followed behind, and some never grasp the concept at all. In my experience learning is based on an individuals ability to perceive, interact with, and respond to the learning environment. If a human being is really interested in what they are learning they will be more susceptible to attain the necessary elements to understand the idea. So whether if you are in Mexico or the United states of America your success depends on your personal characteristics, your willingness and ability to learn.

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