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One less intensive behavioral strategy that Mrs. Hughes tried to do was project a caring persona. She did this by standing in the hallway between class periods and saying hello to every student by name that walked in the classroom. While doing this she would often make jokes with them. She did this in order to create a positive learning environment, and let the students know she cared about all of them individually. Another less intensive behavioral strategy that Mrs. Hughes did was the praise of positive behavior. When she saw a student who normally would be antsy siting still she praised them on that. She also praised her students on the good answers that they gave during the Jeopardy game. In addition to that, at the end of the class all the winners received candy. When someone threw out their candy wrappers she praised them for doing so, and in turn everyone else got up to throw out their candy wrappers as well. Another less intensive strategy that I saw Lauren Hughes use was proximity. She would often walk around the room when students were being very disruptive, typically students would start behaving when she got near to them. They knew if she came over to them that she meant business. Sometimes there was so much excitement in the room that this would not always work, so another thing that Mrs. Hughes would do was inject herself into student conversations. An example of this was when group of students were talking about a party, and Mrs. Hughes asked them one or two questions about the party, and then redirected the group to focus on the game of jeopardy. She says she does this, because as a teacher it is important to let your students know that you do not hate them, and that you are interested in them. Since she has to do...

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...t to work with you. I learned a lot of teaching strategies, and how to help struggling student. As a teacher I hope that I will put some of these lessons into play. I want to have an environment where the students feel valued, just as Mrs. Hughes wanted that for her students. I will strive to engage my students and work well with any personnel that will be in my classroom. I truly understand the importance of having good relationships with the people you work with, and how important it is to listen to the ideas of the people around you. When I am a teacher I will strive to have good relationships, and listen to those I work with. I also will strive to implement many of the behavior strategies that Mrs. Hughes talked about. Even though I may not have been able to see all these great ideas in action, I learned a lot and hope to implement them into my future classroom.
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