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Introduction: The purpose of this project was to determine a mentor to learn from. We were supposed to learn what it is like to teach in a Special education setting, and determine what we would want to do in our own classrooms as Special Educators. The teacher that I observed was Lauren Hughes. She is a 27 year old co teacher in Bolingbrook high school which is located in Bolingbrook IL. An interesting thing about Lauren is that she has been in a segregated special education classroom before as the primary teacher. Even though she enjoyed this experience she believes that co-teaching was the better option for her. She co-teaches an 11th grade English class for 4 periods of the day with a regular education teacher Mrs. W. Her relationship with her co-teacher is not cohesive. Her co teacher does not let Mrs. Hughes actively participate in classroom instruction, and believes that Mrs. Hughes should do her part, and only deal with the Special education students. Physical Setting: The classroom that Lauren Hughes teaches in has pods. The pods consisted of five desks, fours facing each other making a square, and one desk that connected to the square set, but was facing the front. There were six of these pods in the classroom, three in front, then three directly behind the first row of pods. In addition to the six pods of student desks, there was a teacher desk at the front left hand corner of the room. There were two white boards one on either side of the classroom, and windows were located along the left side wall. Although there was only one teacher desk, on the right side of the classroom there was a countertop build out with overhead and underneath cabinets, and a large standing cabinet for storage. At this countertop is where Mrs... ... middle of paper ... ...ghes suggested. Mrs. Hughes usually found herself having to be the bad guy. She often would have to tell students to quiet down, reprimand them, move students to different pods away from their friends, give them write ups, or send them to the principal’s office. During observations I noticed that Mrs. W. would tell students to quiet down, but then allow them to talk over her. I also noticed that she gave empty threats as a way to get the students to behave. During the game, she threatened to make her students do ACT practice tests instead of play Jeopardy, and although they continued to disrupt her and have bad behavior, she never made them do ACT prep. Although the co-teachers usually were not on the same page with how often, or to what extent they implemented behavioral strategies, I did notice that they did try to use many different behavior management straggles.
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