Learning Through Gardening

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I can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow. I’ve heard that expression many times over the years and never understood it until this April. I can’t dance and it certainly is too wet to plow! So I sit here, surrounded by 90 pounds of seed potatoes, wondering when they’ll begin to rot. Or if my tomato and pepper starts are going to be overly leggy before planting time. The pea season’s gone, though I may take a shot at a fall planting, mostly to feed the deer and rabbits. I’m feeling some regret for the wildlife around the acre/someday garden. I’m sure they will consume more of our efforts than we will. However, I will harvest something from that ground, be it tomatoes and beans or venison. I’m not much for killing things, especially mammals, but I’m going to take what is offered. (Besides, it’s ridiculous being a bow hunter safety instructor/archery coach who’s never taken a deer!) While we await the call, “Come help me hook the plow to the tractor.” I’m left with little to do but think about all that can go wrong. I’ve been raiding the public libraries with the hope I’ll catch a clue from some book on gardening! So far, Gene Logsdon has had the most practical advice for dealing with wildlife in the garden, kill it and eat what you can of it. I can’t say that’s cheered me up as the rain pelts down and the “high water” sign goes up on our street. (Even if the acre had been plowed, we’d not be able to work it because of the rains.) When I’m not reading about farming (gardening an acre is not farming, but working that much ground requires some farming tools so I’m sort of farming.) I think about why anyone would bother farming in the first place. It’s so much easier to just buy groceries. Thinking has also led me to conclude, at what... ... middle of paper ... ...asp the thinking of others studying all this “grand design” and our place in it. “Saving the planet” can’t be done. The planet will save itself if it needs saving. Saving myself might be something I can achieve, if I ever figure out whether or not I’m worth saving. So it’s back to school boy. Only this time the classroom is an acre of ground, the goal is education and understanding, not the control and manipulation I suffered the first 12 years of schooling. Sadly, most of the books I’m reading on this topic are all about controlling me! Still, some miniscule grains of truth sift out of them. Whether I’m smart enough to spot them, comprehend them and pass them along so my family’s future generations might live as well, and as long, as the past ones did remains to be discovered. We come from the soil. If we don’t understand what soil is we understand nothing else.
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