Learning Styles: Strategies To Understanding The Learning Style

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Each individual has different learning mode and preference. By knowing the learning style helps the student to understand better and improve their grades. To identify the learning strategies, Fleming designed the VARK questionnaire to way help the users to understand their learning style. VARK tool created for students to use for their studying habits to improve their study time and receive better grades. Basically it has sixteen questions which generate the closet learning style. These questions need to be answered truly and correctly to recognize learning style. This paper will identify the learning style based on VARK questionnaire and will compare with own preferred learning strategies and their influence on teaching and learning process.…show more content…
According to VARK results, the author needs to use several methods to understand the material well. The author agrees the result of as visual learner, which includes, picture, images, diagram to be helpful to learn; however, kinesthetic and aural was not preferred learning style in order to learn. Kinesthetic and aural learning style was not preferred learning strategies by the author because these strategies would not be the best for the learning to improve the educations. In order to have the best learning experience, it is important to practice or understand topic to learn by reading and writing to discuss the topic, and by…show more content…
It is important for those who are in that position to teach others to understand the different learning styles for others. Each student would have their own learning style; however, teaching person should be aware of their own learning as well as for their students (Peyman, H., 2014). This would help students to facilitate better learning process and effective educations. Diversity of medical students of Iran study shown that medical students preferred different learning styles instead of reading and writing, whereas VARK questionnaire helped medical students to recognize their own learning style method to improve their educational programs (Peyman, H.,

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