Learning Strategies and Methods: Personal Narrative

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Learning Strategies and Methods: A Reflection
As I look back upon this course, and the RN-BSN completion program as a whole, I am reminded that this is a process. There will be challenges and victories. I feel that each is meant to teach me something during this journey toward furthering my nursing education. I have always thought that as nurse, it was important to keep current with evidence based research, but returning to the formal school setting was a big step. As stated by Hood (2010) “A professional nurse should expect to commit to a life of continuous learning, growth, and development” (p.30). I take the responsibility of being a lifelong learner and commitment to excellence as a nurse very seriously. I am grateful to be able to say with each class in this program, my skills and knowledge base grow deeper.
Case Study Method of Learning
The case study method is a great way to identify problems in a clinical situation. This method of reflecting on my own personal experiences in a specific set of circumstances promoted thought-provoking questions and ideas. It also helped me to realize the importance of having all the data prior to making a decision on a plan of care. It becomes obvious while attempting to answer questions on case studies when there is not enough information. Case studies are a great way to put yourself into the clinical situation so that as nurses we may have a greater understanding of critical thinking (Asselin, 2012).
Challenges as an Evolving Leader
Today’s nurse, as an evolving leader, must be compassionate, professional and treat the patient as a whole. Professional development and ongoing, lifelong learning is also an expectation for a nurse (Castell, 2008). The learning experience of this course ha...

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