Learning Stagnation Case Study

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The learning stagnation, for this educational institute, is linked to pedagogical and curriculum issues. Outside school factors also played a vital role in learning stagnation, but this itself signals a widespread failure of the school system to level outcomes. In order to understand the complexity of the issue, I will try to critically evaluate the whole notions of pedagogical and curriculum.

The learning stagnation, as identified by IBA SFP candidates, is linked to Pedagogy. The instructor, among other elements is the key to the success of implementing education for sustainability. The teaching faculty is comprises of two groups: Lead faculty and Mentors. The Lead faculty is professional lecturers, who give lectures regarding their courses.
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Pedagogy refers to the way the curriculum is taught and all the methodological aspects of learning and teaching. According to the case study of Capelo, A., Santos, C., & Pedrosa, in sustainable development, the success of pedagogy is linked to the fact whether teaching is problem or enquiry based, fosters collaboration and critical thinking. If instructors design their lectures around these concepts, then outcomes are possibly leading towards sustainable development and…show more content…
International community has long identified the curriculum issue. There is an increasing dissent over the education system providing irrelevant education to our children. Employers are not satisfied with school leavers as many of them lack basic skills and work ethics. Because of this has led the employers to label the education as irrelevant . Same issue could be identified in IBA SFP program. The core purpose of IBA Sindh Foundation Program is to provide candidates with opportunities, for confidently fulfilling the entrance requirements of IBA, for the undergraduate programs. The entrance test of IBA Karachi consists of an assessment test, based on the SAT-I, comprising of English, Mathematics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and essay. Those candidates, who clear the written assessment test, are then called for a panel interview. But the core courses of IBA SFP program consists of 6 courses: English Grammar & Composition, Mathematics, Presentation & Communication Skills, Introduction to Computer Applications, Principles of Microeconomics, and Principles of Accounting.

The magnitude of irrelevancy could be seen as 3 irrelevant courses, i.e. Introduction to Computer Applications, Principles of Microeconomics, and Principles of Accounting, are being taught at IBA SFP program, which has nothing to do with the main objective or aim of the program. This irrelevancy not only costs more, but
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