Learning Psychological Behaviors Through Good Will Hunting

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This paper assignment has instructions to use “Good Will Hunting” as a basis for me to learn more about a person’s psychological behavior characteristics. As I further researched, I have found this to be a very interesting task. I will explain a little about the characters and how it pertains to my specific subject. I will compare and contrast two important theorists named Freud and Erikson. I will explain how this film relates to the specific and detailed events portrayed within the film itself. I will give due credit to two remarkable theorists still to the day. First, sometimes people don’t realize they can do much more with their lives and need an extra little bit of guiding to help them. In the movie Good Will Hunting, Will believes that the way his life is will be all he needs that he doesn’t really need anything more, but doesn’t realize how smart he is. Math is his gift, but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life. This movie shows a more in depth look at an individual with this personality character. Eventually, an instructor notices and tries to help him out. Will shows strongly in the movie he has an attachment problem, and in Erikson’s Psychosocial Stage Trust VS. Mistrust it states that this is when a person learns whether or not they can trust the world or not (Engler, 2014). With Will having trouble becoming attached or close to someone he may have not received the care he needed at that time period in his life. He started liking a girl in the movie, but wouldn’t talk about his past very much if at all with her nor would he tell her he loved her. You could tell he did but was scared to admit it because of having these trust issues. I believe he behaves this way because he was an orphan a... ... middle of paper ... ...y he did. I now thoroughly understand detailed analysis of specific behaviors exhibited by the character. I can further now understand both theorist’s thoughts and beliefs. This particular film has helped me to have a better understanding of how to properly recognize each stage an individual goes through in a life time, how conflictions can arise, and how to use external influences to benefit an individual to have a more quality life by focusing on their positives to enhance their weaknesses. Through these two influential theorist’s works, and lives we can all see many differences and similarities between these beliefs. It is easy to see that these two psychologists have created a stepping stone for all psychologists and people to study and look back on as we develop in our own lives today. These founding theorists will always play a major role in Psychology.
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